Music Samples

Banktanz — Two men have a “Friendly” argument over a park bench. Will these boys never learn to share?

Bauerntanz — The “farmer’s dance” actually has nothing to do with farming. This dance can be described as very theatrical.

Haushammer — Just as it sounds; feet stomped mimicks the sound of hammers building a house.

Heidauer — A beautiful dance where the girls weave in and out of a circle of boys.

Huttanz — The “hat dance”.

Knappentanz — Miners enter a mine and play their chisels like chimes.

Kreuz Konig — “King’s Cross”. The girls “fly” in this dance!

Mader — The harvest dance involves many figures and turns.

Muhlradl — The dancers stomp their feet and form the moving parts (i.e. cogs and gears) of an old-fashioned flour mill.

Reit im Winkl — Named after a region in Bavaria, this boys dance often involves participation from the audience!

Tiroler — A traditional and delightful couples dance


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