Schuhplattler Verein Enzian

Celebrating 67 years of Austrian & Bavarian Entertainment!

So many reasons to contact us: to book a performance, to get more information, to watch us practice, to join the dance group, or to just say Guten Tag!

New members welcome!

Our group is actively seeking new dancers. If you are at all interested in finding out more…

Schuhplattler Verein Enzian

Memories of the Early Years (1950’s) – by Elvira (Vera) McKinnon

During the mid-fifties, five courageous young men from Austria and Germany got together and founded a “Schuhplattler – Gruppe” right here in Calgary.

Oktoberfest with Fahr 2022

Come and Celebrate Oktoberfest with Fahr Brewery!

Maibaum – May Pole

After more than a year apart (with many emails in-between), members of the Schuhplattler Verein Enzian gathered on May 1st in the club parking lot to put up the 2021 edition of the Austrian Club Maibaum. Every year a few new details are added and improvements are made, and this year’s version looks terrific. Many […]

Schuhplattler Verein Enzian in "Winter In Vail" Hallmark movie
Oktoberfest 2019

Practice starts this Thursday!

@ 7:30 PM in Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre

Movement Knowledge as a Kind of Cultural Knowledge Final Workshop

Katharina, the organizer: “Thank you again for being a part of this endeavor! I am so honored to have been a part of your work over the last 8 months and am so grateful to have been welcomed into your rehearsal space.” – Thank you, Katharina, it was so interesting!!!

Mayfest & Mother Day

Maibaum – Maypole

Everything is blooming, and We’ve installed this Tree. Young and old are here today Hurray for the First of May!

2019 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop

Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop – Vancouver

Yes, we had a lot of fun in Vancouver!



Austrian Choir Heimatecho celebrates their 38th Anniversary! We all had wonderful evening with delicious food, exciting entertainment and great music from “Jana & Danny”.


SVE Alumni

This page is dedicated to all of our former members of the Schuhplattler Verein Enzian.

Val Koenig Senate Medal

Our congratulations to Val!

Val Koenig, SVE Alimni, is honoures with Senate Medal. Val did a lot to build a perfect trail system in his home village of Kaslo.

SVE 60th
Oktobeerfest in Albeerta
2016 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop
SVE 60th Anniversary
Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre 50th anniversary
2012 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop
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