Oktoberfest with Fahr 2022

Come and Celebrate Oktoberfest with Fahr Brewery!

Maibaum – May Pole

After more than a year apart (with many emails in-between), members of the Schuhplattler Verein Enzian gathered on May 1st in the club parking lot to put up the 2021 edition of the Austrian Club Maibaum. Every year a few new details are added and improvements are made, and this year’s version looks terrific. Many […]

Schuhplattler Verein Enzian in "Winter In Vail" Hallmark movie
Oktoberfest 2019

Practice starts this Thursday!

@ 7:30 PM in Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre

Movement Knowledge as a Kind of Cultural Knowledge Final Workshop

Katharina, the organizer: “Thank you again for being a part of this endeavor! I am so honored to have been a part of your work over the last 8 months and am so grateful to have been welcomed into your rehearsal space.” – Thank you, Katharina, it was so interesting!!!

Mayfest & Mother Day

Maibaum – Maypole

Everything is blooming, and We’ve installed this Tree. Young and old are here today Hurray for the First of May!

2019 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop

Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop – Vancouver

Yes, we had a lot of fun in Vancouver!



Austrian Choir Heimatecho celebrates their 38th Anniversary! We all had wonderful evening with delicious food, exciting entertainment and great music from “Jana & Danny”.

SVE 60th
Oktobeerfest in Albeerta
2016 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop
Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre 50th anniversary
2012 Schuhplattlertanz & WestCan Workshop
Mossleigh Bavarian Night
Kimberley Festival
German Festival
Dancing in the Park
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